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Dive into a cloud of freshness. LaBella Mozzarella's delicious fresh whole-milk mozzarella has melt-in-your-mouth smoothness in every bite. No preservatives, no additives, just pure indulgence.
From the timeless purity of our classic cups to the vibrant dance of flavors in our hand-infused blends, experience the LaBella difference: creamier, smoother, and unforgettable.

LaBella MOzzarella Loaves
mozzarella ball
LaBella Mozzarella Balls2

Varieties of Hand Wrapped/Cryovac Fresh Mozzarella include... 1/2lb Balls, 1lb Balls, 3lb tube, and 5lb loaf.

LaBella Mozzarella Ingredients:
Pasteurized whole milk, vinegar, and enzymes. CONTAINS MILK.

Before consuming any product, users should carefully review the product label.

Our Famous LaBella Mozzarella is Produced Daily and Guaranteed FRESH.

Fresh and Smoked Varieties
Handwrapped or Cryovac Packaging
Assorted sizes and Weights:
1/2lb, 1lb - perfect for retail sale.

3lb, 5lb loaf - perfect for deli slicing or pizza making.

Custom sizes and shapes are available on request.
Private Label Available

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