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LaBella Mozzarella History

A Legacy of Freshness, Inspired by Nonna's Hands:

In 1914, our beloved Nonna Frattini arrived from Italy, clutching a dream for a better life and a heart brimming with the magic of Italian food. As she embraced her new home, learning English and navigating a changing world, one yearning remained constant: the pure taste of fresh mozzarella and other cheeses from her sun-drenched countryside.
We, her adoring grandchildren, watched in awe as Nonna's small, sturdy hands transformed flour into pillowy pasta, wheat into crusty bread, and milk into pearls of milky mozzarella. Her passion for handcrafted food, her stories of "the old ways," and her insistence on fresh-from-the-source goodness filled our kitchen with the warmth of family and the intoxicating aroma of Italy.
Inspired by Nonna's legacy, we launched LaBella Mozzarella in 1999. Every pound of our fresh mozzarella is hand-crafted, just like hers, a testament to her spirit and love. And just like Nonna, we invite you to taste the difference.
Our knowledgeable team extends Nonna's welcoming hand, offering generous samples and a wealth of cheese wisdom. We proudly present over 200 domestic and imported cheeses from our newly renovated Mozzarella haven, ready to fuel your culinary adventures.
Nonna was right – the world fell in love with Italian food. Today, as we watch this love reach epic proportions, her memory fuels our mission. We strive to provide the finest-tasting cheese, each bite brimming with her spirit and a promise to make her proud.

A photo of our beloved "Nonna" making mozzarella at home

A photo of our beloved "Nonna" making mozzarella at home

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