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Olde World Traditions and Techniques in a Modern Business

Taste the difference

A Bit About Us

LaBella Mozzarella has been a family business since 1999. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with numerous FDA Approved Vendors we can provide uninterrupted service to hundreds of gourmet delis, pizzerias, and supermarkets with our famous fresh mozzarella and many other world-class cheeses. Our experienced staff is equipped with a state-of-the-art, customized computer inventory program to provide the best service to our valued clients.

LaBella Mozzarella Staff - Stephen, James, Lisa, and Carmine
Dairy Cow and Her Calf

A True Family Business

Truly Top-Notch

LaBella Mozzarella is a time-honored family business that has been crafting delicious fresh mozzarella for decades. Our founder and experienced family members oversee all aspects of the company, from cheese making to customer service and technical support, to ensure the best possible experience for our valued clients.

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